Who We Are

Reto was founded at the end of May 1985 in Cantabria, Spain, and is a non-profit organization whose articles of incorporation were signed on December 2nd of the same year.
Reto came into being when the founder and his family, living as missionaries in another country and sharing the word of God with people who had never heard the gospel, were led to Spain. Having no idea what would happen here, they found themselves involved in helping a young drug addict, who was wandering the streets. They took him into their home and, because of subsequent events that followed, they found it necessary to rent a house in order to receive more people, who were interested in receiving help.
This house is known today as RETO 1 and is located in Santander, Spain.
The center became increasingly well-known and, having a high rate of successful rehabilitation, soon the demand for new admissions grew. New houses were opened in Cantabria and also in other Spanish provinces. At the end of 1987, the Bylaws were revised, the name was changed and its scope went from territorial to national. The final name given to this NGO was ASOCIATION RETO A LA ESPERANZA ( Hope Challenge Association) and its members were mostly young ex-drug addicts who, once free from the bondage of their addictions, chose to dedicate their lives to help others have the same opportunity that they had had been given.
The Association was registered in the Registry of Associations of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs with the number 3.594, on December 12, 1985 and also in the regional registries of each autonomous community. On January 27, 1995 RETO was designated a public-interest organization by the council of ministers.
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